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Physician Assistants (PAís) are persons who have attained a baccalaureate or masterís degree from an approved program of instruction in primary health care or surgery.  PAís are licensed by the Board of Medicine and perform only under the supervision and control of a supervising physician.  PAís are extenders of their supervising physicians.  The PA has passed the NCCPA exam and holds current certification with the NCCPA.  A PA may not perform any service which his or her supervising physician is not qualified to perform. A PA may be authorized by the Board to issue written or oral prescriptions for certain drugs if the following conditions are met: the PA has performed patient care for a minimum of two (2) years immediately preceding the submission of an application requesting limited prescriptive privileges: Provided, That to meet this condition, the first year of patient care may be as a student in an approved physician assistant program; and the PA has successfully completed 4 semester hours of instruction in clinical pharmacology.  Effective July 1, 2013, a physician assistant shall provide evidence of completion of a minimum of three (3) hours of drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances training within two (2) years prior to his or her application submission to the Board for limited prescription privileges.


Applications for Physician Assistant Licensure

The total fee for initial licensure is $250.00 and must accompany the application when it is sent to the Board of Medicine office.  This non-refundable fee covers the cost of processing the application, the licensure fee until the next renewal period and the fee for Physician Health Program Assistance.  All physician assistant licenses expire on March 31 of odd-numbered years. The renewal fee is a total of $150.00, which includes the renewal fee and the physician assistant fee for Physician Health Program Assistance.


Requirements for Physician Assistant Licensure

  • Proof of graduation from an approved program of instruction in primary health care or surgery.
  • Successful completion of NCCPA and evidence of current certification.
  • Good moral character.
  • Proof of attained baccalaureate or masterís degree, as evidenced by a diploma.
  • Results of self-query from NPDB and HIPDB.


Board meetings are held every other month, beginning in January.  When your application is processed, you will receive a letter notifying you of what documentation is outstanding.  When all documentation has been received and complete the   name will be placed on the Boardís agenda for consideration.  If, you answer "yes" to any questions on pages two (2) and/or three (3) of the application, you are required to provide a written explanation on a separate sheet of paper and you may be required to appear before the Physician Assistant Committee.


Temporary Approval:

Physician Assistant temporary licensure is permitted when any graduate of an approved program submits a complete application to the board for a physician assistant license and the $50 temporary license fee. This includes those PAs waiting to sit for or gain the results from the national commission on certification of physician assistants' certifying examination.  In this circumstance, the Board shall issue to that applicant a temporary approval allowing that applicant to function as a physician assistant until the applicant successfully passes the national commission on certification of physician assistants' certifying examination.  In the event of failure of that examination, the temporary license shall expire and terminate automatically, and the Board shall so notify the physician assistant.

Temporary licensure is permitted under the same circumstances when the graduate of an approved program has successfully passed the NCCPA certifying examination.

Once a physician assistant is approved for licensure by the Board, he or she may apply for:

  • Change of supervisor at the same job location
  • Change of job location with the same supervisor
  • Change of job location and supervisor
  • Additional job location and supervisor
  • Additional job location with the same supervisor
  • Prescriptive writing privileges
  • Additional job duties

The physician assistant may obtain an application from the WV Board of Medicine website to make any of the above changes and/or additions.  Along with the application, the physician assistant must submit a $50.00 fee, if applicable.  A physician assistant may not begin working under the requested change or addition until the PA has received written notice of approval from the Board Office.  The Board does not retroactively issue temporary approval letters.



For Physician Assistant applications or any questions you might have, contact:

Amy C. Callihan, CMCO at (304) 558-2921, ext. 70002 or Amy.C.Callihan@wv.gov



1.       How long will it take to process my application?

This time will vary with each application.  You may speed up the process by making sure you have read and followed the directions on each application and have provided correct documentation and have provided all of the required supporting documents to the Board.


2.       Must I have a supervising physician in order to hold an active license?

No, but when you no longer have a supervising physician, you may no longer function as a Physician Assistant.  Even if your license is active you are not able to function as a Physician Assistant without a supervising physician approved by this Board.


3.       Does the board contact the NPDB & HIPDB on my behalf?

No.  You must contact the NPDB & HIPDB and request the "Practitioner Request for Information Disclosure" self-query forms.


4.       Who should complete my application requests?

The Board strongly suggests that each individual Physician Assistant complete and turn in their own application requests since it is the Physician Assistantís license.


5.       When may I apply for prescriptive writing privileges?

After you have performed patient care services for a minimum of two (2) years, you may apply for prescriptive writing privileges.


6.       Should I let the board know if I am no longer working under the supervising physician (s) for which I applied?

Yes.  In addition, the supervising physician must notify the Board in writing of any termination of the employment of his or her physician assistant with ten (10) days of the termination.


7.       May I request temporary approval to work before I pass the NCCPA examination, if I have sat for and failed the exam?

No.  No applicant shall receive temporary licensure who, following graduation from an approved program, has sat for and not obtained a passing score on the exam.



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