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Physician Licensure

Requirements for American, Canadian and Puerto Rican Medical Graduates

The West Virginia Medical Practice Act and Rules set forth the minimum qualifications for physician licensure. These requirements include:

1. proof of graduation from a medical school approved by the LCME or by the Board;

2. successful passage of an accepted exam, such as NBME, FLEX, or USMLE

3. satisfactory completion of at least one year of ACGME approved postgraduate training.

Requirements for Foreign Medical Graduate

The West Virginia Medical Practice Act and Rules set forth the minimum qualifications for physician licensure. These requirements include:

1. proof of graduation from a medical school approved by the LCME or by the Board;

2. successful passage of an accepted exam, such as NBME, FLEX, or USMLE

3. satisfactory completion of EITHER three years of ACGME approved postgraduate training OR one year of ACGME approved postgraduate training, plus Board certification by a member Board of the American Board of Medical Specialties.

4. valid ECFMG certificate OR evidence of a receipt of a passing score on the examination, OR Affidavit (included with the application packet).

Licensure Application Fee

The fee for permanent medical licensure is $400. A check or money order must accompany the application when it is sent to the Board of Medicine office. If the applicant wants to pay the fee by credit card, attach a cover note stating to contact the applicant for payment by credit card via a phone call. This non-refundable fee covers the cost of processing the application and the licensing fee until the next renewal period for the licensee. Physicians whose last names begin with the letters A through L expire on June 30 of every even year. Physicians whose last names begin with the letters M through Z expire on June 30 of every odd year. Physicians who apply for licensure close to the renewal period may wish to consider holding their applications until just after the renewal. Otherwise, they will be required to pay both the application and renewal fee in short succession.

Endorsement by Examination

Applicants for licensure must have successfully passed an examination accepted by the Board in order to be licensed. Those examinations accepted are: FLEX, USMLE, NBME, LMCC, and state board exams.  For specific examination requirements, see the Medical Practice Act, WV Code 30-3-10-(b)(4) and 11CSR1A.

ECFMG/Fifth Pathway

An applicant for licensure who is a foreign medical graduate must provide a copy of his or her valid ECFMG certificate. If an applicant is relying on Fifth Pathway and does not hold a certificate, the letter showing successful passage on the ECFMG will suffice. If a foreign graduate cannot meet this requirement, there is an alternative. Please contact the Board office for this information.

Supporting Documentation

Documentation that must be enclosed with the application includes:

Copy of medical school diploma

Copy of evidence in the form of a letter or certificate of proof of required postgraduate training

Copy of a birth certificate, passport, or baptismal

Copy of a valid ECFMG certificate (for foreign medical graduates)

Copy of proof of a name change (i.e., marriage certificate or court order) if the name you want to be licensed under is different from the name on your medical school diploma.

Primary Source Verifications

The following documents must be received from the original source:

Proof of medical education

Verification of postgraduate training

Verification of other state licenses

AMA Biographical Profile

Examination scores

In addition, the following documents must be original documents:

NPDB reports

Good Moral Character statement

The West Virginia Board of Medicine accepts credentials from the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS).


Interview with a Board Member

At the discretion of the Licensure Committee, an applicant may be asked to appear before the Licensure Committee and may be asked to produce his or her original supporting documentation.  (All applicants are no longer required to complete a personal interview as in the past.)


Reciprocity Agreements

This Board currently does not hold any reciprocity agreements with any other states.


Temporary Licensure

Since Board meetings are held every other month, an applicant who holds a license in another jurisdiction may be eligible for a temporary license and pay an extra $100 fee for issuance of a temporary license. This temporary license is issued once the fee has been paid and the application is complete. The temporary license expires the date of the next Board meeting at which time the applicant will be considered for licensure.

Reactivation of License that has been expired for more than one year

Please use the same application process for a new applicant, however, information that would typically be provided in a Federation Credentialing Service packet will not be needed as it has previously been received.  This includes verification of medical school education; postgraduate training; score report; and copies of medical school diploma, postgraduate training certificate(s) and birth certificate or passport.


Physician Licensing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will it take to get the license?

The average time is 2 to 3 months. However, it can take longer.

How can I speed the process up?

The longest part of the process is receiving the supporting documentation for the application. You should contact those agencies to see how you can expedite the reports needed from them.

Will a temporary license be issued while I am waiting for my application to be approved?

Once every piece of supporting documentation has been received for the application, you may request a temporary license by paying the extra $100 fee. That temporary license will expire on the date of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting when your permanent license will be considered.  An applicant may be eligible for a temporary license if he/she is licensed in another jurisdiction.

How do I apply for a DEA number?

West Virginia does not have a state controlled substance registration. You register with the Federal DEA office by calling 1-800-882-9539.

How soon after the Board meeting will I receive my license?

If you are approved for licensure, your license will be issued effective the day of the Board meeting. The licenses are typically mailed within one (1) week.

May I call to check the status of my application?

Yes, but please limit the number of calls. Also, do not have your spouse or office staff call to check the status of your application. We will talk only with the applicant unless authorization has been given on the application.


Sheree Thompson, Licensure Analyst


(304) 558-2921, extension 70011

West Virginia Board of Medicine, 101 Dee Drive, Suite 103, Charleston, WV 25311

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